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Please wear your Jeans / shirt and measure the sizes. Please don't use elastic fabrics.

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Start from the central button and make a 360 ° complete measurement.

Jeans lenght


Lay the jeans on a plane and with the meter starting from the top and down all the leg well expanse to the bottom where the hem is. For example, to customize the length of your length, you can indicate a few cm less for a shorter jeans

Thigh width


Bottom width


You can obtain it by measuring the flat width of the Jeans bottom, just simply start from one side of the flat rim and horizontally pull the meter. This measure is usually close to 17cm. If you want a Jeans tighter (slim fit effect) or wider, you can add or remove centimeters to your liking.

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Do you need further verification of the correctness of the measures taken by you? Send me 4 photos on Whatsapp Clicking Here.